To the Power of White

Donning white dresses in any season is a fundamental yet staple style statement. White, a trend that never goes out of demand. Though, the trend takes a high during warm months, yet it never ceases to amaze during seasons that are comparatively colder.

A lot of fashionistas prefer all white over an all-black look. One simply cannot ignore the fact that white dresses somehow pope more than any color, leave only black. The power of whites cannot be put at the backfoot, given its capability to attract attention and imparting that classy look to the wearer.

 Here, we have pulled out top 5 classy all white looks that have wowed Miway like no one else did.

1. Bowling us out with her style- Beyonce

Killing it in whites! Image courtesy:

A diva in every sense, Beyonce has been slaying us since forever. She just refuses to age up and as seen here, she is killing us with her all-white dresses look. Draped in a white body hugging gown, accessorized with a fur scarf and silver clutch, she manages to look every bit of drop dead gorgeous.

2. Carrying it classily- Anna Kendrick

Bubbly in white. Image courtesy:

The ever bubbly Anna Kendrick once realized the power monochromes can bring in one’s life, didn’t turn back and has been wooing us with her impeccable style. She has worn white gowns, midi dresses, jackets to a number of celebrity functions and shutterbugs can’t help it, but capturing her in lenses.

3. Kardashianing us in white- Kim

She has us sweating in white! Image courtesy: Google

Known for her love of whites, blacks and nudes, Kim’s position as true fashion icon is indisputable. The reality-TV tycoon has been showcasing eclectic fashion sense. Seen here in tummy-flattening bodice with cropped leggings and off-the-shoulder batwing sleeves, she is taking street style to the next level of hotness.

4. Leaving us wondering in white- Taylor Swift

Why you do this to us! *Rolling our eyes*. Image courtesy:


Do we blame it on her deep eyes or impeccable style that Swift has been a crush for millions of girls and boys alike. 

Who else can look so erotically classy in all whites, but Taylor! She defines flawless with her eyes and leave us mesmerized every time she chooses to wear white. Remember her bridal gown in 2008 single Blood Story. Man, did we not lose our senses?

5. Black Widow Whitewashing us- Scarlett Johansson

Black widow killing us in white. Image courtesy: Unknown

These divas have given us some serious fashion goals and Miway is swinging high on whites. Our collection of whites will surely keep you intrigued.  

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