Melania Trump

Let’s give it to Melania Trump

The name needs no introduction further when it comes to western dresses for women . The next first lady of the USA, Mrs. Trump has definitely garnered a lot of attention, pre and post elections. Apart from accompanying her husband throughout in his election campaigns, Melania also stumped the world with her powerful dressing sense. There was not even a single campaign or public presence, where she left us disappointed. Here we pick up her 5 best looks that surely left us spellbound.

  1. When Trump announced his campaign in June

Melania, it seems, knew from the very beginning that she has to leave her mark, not with her flawless looks, but even with her style in western dresses for women

. She kicked off the campaign along with Donald Trump in this white off-shoulder peplum dress. Standing next to the youngest Trump in the lineage of the business tycoons, Melania surely wins us over.

Melania  Donald Trumpwhite off-shoulder peplum dress

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  1. When Mrs. And Mr. Trump attended a Republican Debate hosted by Fox News.

A camera-friendly appearance is what makes Melania a pleasure for sore eyes. Stepping down stairs with elegance in an electric blue gown with her hair flowing, she looked every bit of a diva.

Melania  elegance in an electric blue gown with her hair flowing

  1. At the CNBC Republican Presidential Debate

Dressed in a white jumpsuit, paired with a broad waist belt, the next first lady made us her fan. Donning a fawn pink coloured overcoat, Melania Trump carried it sassily with pointed-toe shoes and a Channel bag. Boy, don’t you simply love her?
4.  At this Harper Bazar’s Shoot

Soon after Donald Trump set off his campaign for the GOP Nomination, in her first interview, Melania did a shoot for the famous fashion magazine, Harper Bazar. Looking like a million dollar in a bodycon jumpsuit, she played subtly sexy with monochromes. We are almost losing our hearts now.

Melania monochromes bodycon jumpsuit .

  1. When President-Elect Donald Trump addressed the nation

You simply cannot ignore the fact that when Donald Trump stumped the world with his clean sweep over Hilary Clinton and took the stage to thank his followers and haters, someone else took away all the limelight. We hate to admit that no matter how much shocked the world was with his victory, people simply could not take their eyes off from Melania. Pretty as a damsel in a white one-shoulder jumpsuit bejeweled with her picture-perfect smile, we knew the fashion game in western dresses for women is going to be strong while she takes over the post of the First Lady.

 Melania white one-shoulder jumpsuit


The world might not be aligned on whether Mr. Donald Trump would be a successful president or not, but we are pretty sure that as the FLOTUS, Melania Trump will surely woo her followers and haters alike. Miway Fashion would like to see more of such powerful fashion sailing across the Oval Office and across the world adding value to the the enchanting western dresses for women

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