6 Not to miss styles wearing the trending & Stylish tops –The Crop Tops

If there is one women’s fashion trend that never grows old on me, it has to be the stylish tops. These are voguish & beauteous, they are peppy, they are the ones you reach out for moments when you want to look effortlessly chic. These mesmerizing Stylish tops online are conventional and truly represent our generation's attitude towards fashion in similar ways as generally said that “Dark lips represent make-up”. We don’t care what you think when we wear stylish tops. In fact, we don't care at all, fashion says it all. It's about portraying women’s attitude.

Crop tops are the best of all trending & stylish tops existing online these days. They have been in fashion for years now and I don’t think this trend will go anywhere. In fact, Indian culture has had crop tops since saree, we use to call them by a different name “ blouse “ [although our parents would disagree ] ” There are many ways in which you can style a crop top to suit your mood & taste  – You want to feel elegant, wear it with a long flowy maxi skirt in purple or pink tones;

Stylish top with flowy skirt




For that sexy look, pair it up with a skater mini skirt; you want to still flaunt a crop top when you don't have that clean-cut wash-board tummy? Wear a loose crop top with palazzos or DARK GREEN RAYON MOSS SOLID CULOTTES from Miway Fashion; you don't want to splurge on a crop top but still, want to flaunt them for the right look? Speaking of right attitude, I recently ordered a branded Lipkit in Dark of Knight – that's the maroon one & is amazing. I just can’t wait to see how it looks on me! More relatively, will it go with a crop top? Here are a few more ways to wear crop tops for those stylish looks. These Stylish tops can be defined in many refined ways



1.Looks best when styled with denim boyfriend jeans


Looking for a way to amp up your favorite slouchy denim look, wear skyblue or ice-black denim jeans with a embroidered top. Try this one out from miway fashion , white multicolor embroidered top with a black strape. The sleeveless solid pattern is just people will get envious of.

Stylish Top with jeans

2. Don it with a circle skirt for that flirty look

A circle skirt looks fun and flirty—really perfect for spring! A tight, long-sleeve stylish crop top is a good contrast when you wear it to the flowy skirt because circle skirts often show a bit of skin. And This also looks great with a shirt with a higher neckline & gives a good style statement because of the contrast in lengths.

.Stylish Top with Circular Skirt


 3. Make it more flirty in a floral print skirt

A fun, patterned floral print skirt is a must-have for this spring and summer. Paired with a solid-colored crop top, it’s an easy option to dress up or down. Adding statement jewelry to this look will instantly dress it up. The MIWAY POLYSTER BLACK FLORAL PRINT SKIRT comes in a pretty spring and summer color that would go well with a lace or crocheted crop top.

Stylish Top with floral Print Skirt

 4. Pair Up with a bandage skirt

The trendy Bandage skirts are gorgeous and damn sexy, and they’re all the more amazing when worn with a crop top. Because both of these items are on the tighter side, it’s best to only show a sliver of your midriff so you’re not overexposed & keep it right. Try out one with a crop top to your next party. Try a light blue shade for all that killing looks.

stylish top with bandage skirt


 5. Match it with an embroidered trouser

Embroidered Trousers are another huge trend for spring 2018, as showcased by designers. And a must have for your wardrobe. The shin-length trouser may seem conservative, but matching one with a fun crop top makes the look modern and young.  This is again an excellent look with these stylish tops Wear these trousers with a gingham print cropped top and form a coordinated set. Try this one from Miway Fashion GINGHAM CHECK EMBROIDERED TROUSER

Stylish Top with Embroidered Trouser


 6.Get Corporate ready in a contemporary blazer

Add some contemporary edge to a typical work outfit by wearing  crochet crop top with a baggy blazer. When you wear a crop top with high-waisted, tailored pants, you’ll be the most fashion-savvy person in the office. The baggier nature of the blazer gives the look a little more coverage & glamour.

Stylish Tops with Blazer



  1. For Music Carnival Or Beach Parties Wear it with high-waisted shorts


Stylish Top with Shorts


Flash some skin with a pair of overall shorts .High-waisted shorts are one of the easiest looks for spring and summer. Denim shorts are a classic look, but you could also try a printed pair that’s perfect for warm weather, such as a bustier top or a cropped tee.

What are you waiting for, buy stylish tops online & steal the show !




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